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A Beginner’s Guide to Anal Fisting

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Anal Fisting Isn’t Just a ‘Porn Thing’ — Here’s How to Try It Out

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What to Know About Anal Fisting Before You Try It

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  1. Dicage1 year ago

    I would also like to share another bit of my awzum wizdom - no matter how old your kid gets, no matter how you sigh with relief that they are off to college, or getting an apartment, or getting married - living their own NEVER EVER STOP WORRYING. Some fortunate people might do so, like, 'oh, what can go wrong, life goes on!' - Some of us depressed/anxious types still can't stop with the worrying and have to actively seek counsel and detach. Really, you worry if they are making friends in first grade, then you worry if they are out with the wrong crowd in high school, then you worry they can't seem to find a job or flunk out of college. You worry in bad weather, if they're driving safely. You worry that they don't have health insurance and keep taking a bus to a downtown free clinic when they are seriously ill. You worry their S/Os are mean, or drunk druggies, or abusive. Worry goes along with motherhood and often does. not. stop. Not that this is stopping anyone from popping one out, but it's something to be aware of.

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